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As anyone involved in the world wide fitness community knows, nutrition is the KEY to progress, and progress = success.  Nutrition fuels the pursuit of our goals, regardless of what exactly those goals may be: Gaining muscle, losing fat, athletic conditioning… whatever it is, the results you get out your body will only be as good as the food you put in it.  To us, that boils down to one basic formula – EAT, TRAIN, GAIN.

It sounds easy. But of course, it rarely is. Fitness nutrition can seem like a giant web of confusion.  ‘How many calories should I eat, how many carbs, how much fat should I intake, how frequently should I eat, when should I eat this and when should I eat that.’ There are Cheat days, carb loading days, IIFYM, intermittent fasting, paleo diets and many more… It can be CRAZY. And in our fast-paced world, not everyone has the time or energy left over from their busy lives to sort through the crazy to find something that works. All too often over here at Eat Train Gain, we hear people making the same old excuses about cooking:  “I’m too busy to cook that much food”, “groceries are too expensive”, “I have no time to prepare meals”…bla bla bla.  We don’t think it has to be that way, and we are here to help you cut through that web of confusion, and prove that cooking heathy foods can be fun, easy, delicious – and, light on your wallet.

Many of the recipes on our site are not ours, but come from a wide variety of sources.  However, we prepare and test every recipe we post, and we will let you know where we got it, as well as its nutritional value.  ALL video and photos used on our blog, Instagram page and FaceBook page are 100% our cooking. We are NOT nutritional experts, we are NOT personal trainers and we do NOT have super fancy kitchens with a team of cooks making all these deliciously nutritious foods we feature.  We’re just average Joes who enjoy training and succeeding in the sport of bodybuilding, and so really we are just a small part of a big community full of information.  Our goal is to share the things we have learned with this great community, so that we can all benefit. And that is a two-way street – please feel free to comment, share, ask questions or make requests. We all learn from each other, and that is the heart of our mission here at Eat Train Gain.

So please take a moment to browse through our recipes and ideas, and keep checking back as we post new stuff for anyone and everyone to try. And remember: pain belongs in the gym, not the kitchen.

Stay tuned…